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"I had an amazing time last night. We weren't sure what to expect, and you guys went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. The food.was.incredible. And also beautiful! I am a little socially shy which was why I thought this would be a nice event for me because a healthy lifestyle is something I'm passionate about, and that's always a great topic starter with like minded people. Maybe it could have happened with anyone there, but you absolutely nailed the seating arrangements because we laughed so hard the whole night that my face hurt. I can't forget to compliment the fact that the atmosphere and table decorations made me feel like I was at a gorgeous rustic wedding. We truly had the best time and can't wait until November! We're also hoping to catch some of your cooking classes, and we are definitely spreading the word. Thank you so much for such a delicious, exciting night." 

S.D - Feast Attendee


The GOOD Fest/ B+YND team blew me (and everyone else there, ps) away with their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They’d carefully curated the day to reflect their mission and their values, and it showed in not just every single speaker and sponsor, but in all 350+ people who chose to spend their day with us. Deep conversations happened within a matter of seconds – real, no-bs, walls-down conversations – and each time a speaker walked onstage it was like they were being greeted by a room full of old pals.

K.H. - GOOD Fest Speaker



The CMPNY isn't your typical "wellness" plan. It's about real wellness - mind, body, and soul. No restricting. Lots of self-love, self-care, and realistic tips for a sustainable lifestyle that will make you feel amazing, inside and out. It's hard to believe that an online membership could create a community filled with so much support and love, but Kate, Jess, and Jen have done it. I'm so grateful that these ladies always keep it real. I'm not in the CMPNY for a season... I'm in it for life.

C.R. - CMPNY Member


"I just want to tell you that last week's class was an absolutely incredible experience.  I enjoyed myself so much, I have already signed up for Nov and Dec!  I think I have told no less than 10 people who are like-minded individuals, trying to live healthier lives and have healthier families, etc about the class.  I am also now officially addicted to soaked oats!  The class really made me examine what I am eating on a regular basis and when I went back home, I really took a look at what I was eating and there is still room for me to improve and places I can cut out things that are processed. Looking forward to the next few classes and to trying some awesome new recipes! Thanks again for an amazing time!"

 S.M - Class Attendee