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The question every vegan dreads: But, how do you get your protein?? The plant kingdom is full of awesome protein sources, but it’s true, it takes a little extra planning and effort to hit your protein requirement when you’re not just throwing a chicken breast on top of your salad. Join us for a class that covers all of your protein questions (how much do you really need? can you meet your daily requirements without a supplement or hamburger?). And we’ll teach you three amazingly delicious plant-based recipes that will make you actually excited to swap meat for veggies.    

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: snacks on arrival + PROTEIN; why you need it, how you can get it from plants + overnight oats demo, project and souvenir + chickpea grain bowls demo and tasting + bean and quinoa chili demo and tasting + chocolate truffles demo, project and souvenir.


Holiday anxiety - we all get it. Parties, cocktails, and Grandmas that insist you take a second helping all contribute to us not feeling our best during the most wonderful time of the year. While we are huge proponents of splurging when it makes you truly happy (cheesy mashed potatoes, YES), this class is going to help you avoid the holiday calorie pits that you only eat because they are THERE (I’m looking at you, green bean casserole). In this class, we will touch briefly on some holiday party tips and swaps, then take you through four recipes that lighten up your Thanksgiving favorites. No need to plan what you’re bringing to Thanksgiving dinner - with these amazing recipes, we’ve got you covered! 

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: snacks on arrival (pumpkin hummus w/crackers, cinnamon-maple-cranberry almond butter w/apple slices); HOW TO BE SOCIAL + ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS discussion; butternut squash soup, two ways;  brussels sprouts salad; green beans with warm roasted garlic vinaigrette; two grain stuffing


SUGAR. It’s everywhere. And while it’s something we’re not dying to admit, too much refined sugar is REALLY bad for you. It messes with everything from your skin to your sleep, and unfortunately, it’s pretty addicting. But what is life without dessert? Um, not a life we want to live!  Join us for a class that discusses the basics of sugar consumption and healthier alternatives, plus walks you through the recipes for 4 AMAZING refined sugar free desserts that will be the star at any holiday party (or your living room couch - we aren't judging). 

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: Homemade chocolate bark (the perfect gift); holiday cookies; chai spiced coconut pancakes; egg nog! (plus some homemade things to munch on for "dinner")


Detox diets usually suck just as much as New Year's resolutions. They are hard to stick to and they make you misssssserable. Plus, there's so much conflicting advice out there, making you think that detoxing means existing on green juice and cabbage soup. Good heavens! It doesn't have to be this way! In our eyes, detoxing is a form of eating (yes, actual eating) that cuts out the bad stuff while still allowing for delicious, filling meals. In this class, we will take you through a sample day of meals that is detoxing, yet easy to follow and totally delicious. We will talk about the myths and truths of "detoxing" and what your body REALLY needs to function at its best.

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: green smoothie, curried cauliflower and lentil soup, raw collard wrap, sesame noodles

valentine's dinner

Valentine's Day. Ah. You are either looking forward to it, or you are completely dreading it. Either way, at WHOLE, we're not just celebrating romantic love this year. We're also celebrating LOVE for friendship, family, and most importantly - ourselves. Our V-Day class will take you through the creation of an incredible, four-course plant-based meal. If you've been to our classes before, we should tell you that this one will be a little somethin' somethin' extra. You'll learn tips and techniques to create a stunning, healthy meal that will impress anyone - on Valentine's Day and beyond! AND you'll be treated to the full, four-course menu. So. Bring your S.O. and celebrate early. Grab your BFF and celebrate your friendship, or come solo and enjoy some self-love. XO


  • Starter: crostini with caramelized onions, rosemary, FIGS, hazelnut
  • Salad: ARUGULA, PUMPKIN SEEDS, AVOCADO, apple salad with orange dressing
  • Main: gluten free ravioli with PINE NUT and spinach filling and pesto sauce
  • Dessert: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE with coconut cream quenelle and POMEGRANATE seeds

March 2017

Cheese and ice cream - can't live without 'em! But, oh, the bloated, tired feeling we get after eating it? Totally can live without that. And it's no surprise that so many of us feel this way after eating dairy products; the majority of the world's population literally doesn't have the ability to properly break down the proteins in dairy. So what's with all those Got Milk ads? Don't we need milk for calcium? Maybe not. Join us for a night that debunks conventional wisdom about dairy and calcium, and shows you amazing (amazing) alternatives to the dairy-packed favorites that we all love!

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: yogurt 2 ways, ice cream, cheese, nacho cheese...OH MY! (to make nachos, a cheese plate, yogurt dip for veggies, sweet yogurt toppings, and an ice cream bar)

vegan cinco de mayo
MAY 2017

Cinco de Mayo just might be our favorite holiday - 'cause, really, what’s better than an excuse to eat tacos and drink margaritas? Lucky for you guys, we’ll be celebrating this year with a whole cooking class dedicated to lightened up, fresh, vegan versions of your favorite Mexican inspired favorites. Come hungry.

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: Chips + salsa, hearts of palm ceviche, margarita mix (BYOB tequila encouraged), taco entree, coconut flan.



AH - FAT! We get it. Fat is scary - we’ve been told for the majority of our lives that we should be wary of it. But get this - FAT isn’t what makes us fat. In fact, it’s really good for you - if you know what to look for. But who can decipher all the info out there? WE can. And we’re here to teach you, once and for all, why you should embrace fats, what your body needs it for, and the best ways to make sure you’re getting what you need. Plus - we’ll be teaching five AMAZING recipes that showcase our favorite sources of healthy fat, in their most delicious forms.

HERE'S WHAT THE NIGHT LOOKED LIKE: Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Kale Caesar Salad w. Tahini Dressing and Almond Parmesan, Avocado & Herb Pesto w. zucchini noodles, Chocolate & Mint Tahini Milkshakes, Build Your Own Chocolate Nut Butter Cups



Close your eyes. 

Try and remember the last time you felt truly connected to yourself, like you were living directly from your heart space, alone or surrounded by family, friends or your partner. 

This workshop will reconnect you with yourself and your loved ones through a mindful mix of yoga, meditation, writing, and tarot readings. We will begin with a flow that is thoughtfully designed to both soothe and ground you and leave with tools and practices to elevate and enhance our lives off the mat.


November 2017

With the holidays approaching - SWEET temptation is at an all-time high. In this class, we'll help you navigate the world of sugar - calling on better sweeteners to give sweet and savory dishes just what they need. We'll have some savory dishes out for your enjoyment so you don't leave hungry, and the rest will be full of cookies, and lattes, and donuts. Um, did we mention we are making DONUTS?! Everything is gluten-free and vegan, using NO refined white sugar.

MENU: Acorn Squash + Wild Rice Salad, Rosemary White Bean Dip with Dried Cranberry, Pumpkin-Spiced Latte, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Cider Donuts, Pumpkin Fudge



You have holiday parties - we have ideas. Let's talk about quick and easy dishes you can bring that are not super-lame, your friends will love, and you will feel better about enjoying. As always - gluten-free and vegan...but trust one will know! 

MENU: All things quick and easy for your holiday party planning! Cucumber pinwheels, loaded smashed potato bites with coconut bacon, jalapeño poppers, sweet potato crostini, soup shooters, citrus guacamole, roasted veggie skewers, stuffed mushrooms and caramelized onion dip.



New Year, New You? Find a balanced way to jump into 2018 with our meal planning and prepping class. This will not be 100s of tupperware containers with meals pre-portioned out (bo-ring!). This WILL be about taking a smart approach to planning and how to be smart about the staples you make so you can mix and match all week.  All plant-based, vegan and gluten free.

MENU: ALLLL THE BASICS of meal prepping PLUS: DIY Instant Ramen, Buffalo Cauliflower TWO Ways: Tacos & Salad, 30 Second Smoothie Bags, Slow Cooker Coconut Curry, & the EASIEST Freezer Dessert