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Our wellness routines are successful because of three key things: education, accessibility, and support. B+YND events are based on those three pillars - but what happens when they’re over? A healthy lifestyle isn’t a one day thing. It’s your LIFE, forever. So, we decided to keep the party going with B+YND CMPNY.

B+YND CMPNY is for ...YOU. It’s a place where you can celebrate wellness, 24/7, 365 days a year, without holding back. We provide accessible, easy-to-use information, recipes, inspiration, product recommendations, and our personal support. YOU get to ask questions, make friends, share successes, and work through challenges.  Join us, and let our amazing community support you B+YND what you think is possible.


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Our private facebook group is our online tribe. It’s a place where we share tips, stories, stay in touch, and offer #realtalk advice on food, fitness and this wellness lifestyle we love so damn much. We created an honest, safe place to discuss health and wellness and we’re available to answer questions anytime! (And FYI, questions about hormones or pizza nights aren’t considered weird.)



New content released throughout the year - recipes, photos, seasonal information and tips. See details below.




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