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Our wellness routines are successful because of three key things: education, accessibility, and support. B+YND events are based on those three pillars - but what happens when they’re over? A healthy lifestyle isn’t a one day thing. It’s your LIFE, forever. So, we decided to keep the party going with B+YND CMPNY.

B+YND CMPNY is for ...YOU. It’s a place where you can celebrate wellness, 24/7, 365 days a year, without holding back. We provide accessible, easy-to-use information, recipes, inspiration, products, and our personal support. YOU get to ask questions, make friends, share successes, and work through challenges.  Join us, and let our amazing community support you B+YND what you think is possible.


included in your membership:


Our private facebook group is our online tribe. It’s a place where we share tips, stories, stay in touch, and offer #realtalk advice on food, fitness and this wellness lifestyle we love so damn much. We created an honest, safe place to discuss health and wellness and we’re available to answer questions anytime! (And FYI, questions about hormones or pizza nights aren’t considered weird.)



New materials (think: pretty e-books) released every three months - complete with recipes, photos, seasonal information and tips. See details below.



Each month, your membership will include a curated pack of wellness stuff we’re obsessed with. We’ll put together goodies from brands we love and use in our everyday routines and ship everything straight to your door! What kinds of goodies? Get ready to try the latest clean snacks we’re craving or the best non-toxic beauty product we swear by. 




Discounted Rate on ALL B+YND events (GOOD Festival, WHOLE classes, WHOLE feasts, private events, retreats - everything!)

Early access to all B+YND events, you hear about them first!


$6 per month* gets you digital resources and community (AKA the price of a latte)
$32 per month* gets you digital resources, community and wellness box!

*THIS IS A recurring charge until cancelled VIA EMAIL TO HELLO@B-YND.COM BY THE 5TH OF EACH MONTH; international orders not accepted for the $32 membership (but you can still join us for the $6 membership!) 


also included

Access our meal planning workbook which includes templates and tips for weekly planning, daily planning and grocery shopping.

Each month, you get 10-15 NEW, SHORT, EASY recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Bevs. (like, 30 mins or less) Oh, and don’t worry we didn’t skip dessert. Recipes are typically gluten-free but do offer flexibility and options. Recipes are vegan-based but do offer options for meat, goat cheeses and eggs.

of ALL recipes! We are visual and we like to see what we are making before we commit.

We keep things easy and flexible. That means there’s no kitchen too small, family too large, or schedule too hectic, B+YND CMPNY has the GOODs you need.



  • Kitchen, Pantry & Fridge/Freezer Essentials Lists

  • Social Tips/ Eating Out / Eating on the Go

  • Superfoods 101

  • Hippie Chic

  • Eat This Not That

  • Swaps

  • We call #bullshit List

  • Vegan / Veg Curious