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Whether you want to learn how to make your own nut milk, craft a killer gluten-free pizza, or include more plant-based protein on your plate, we’ve got you covered. We strip down whole foods eating to the fundamentals, giving you culinary building blocks and nutritional know-how that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Our small class size and affordable options mean that you’ll leave class feeling like a pro — and did we mention our classes are BYOB?

We don't expect you to wear white aprons and cook over a hot stove. No, no. Bring your friends or your loved one for a fun, relaxing Thursday night. You'll be sitting, sipping and socializing while we explain the nutritional background behind each thing we cook, show you some demos, and walk you through a few hands-on projects (you have to get your hands a little bit dirty, right?!)

"I have been meaning to write this email all weekend, but wanted to make sure I got to it today... I just want to tell you that last week's class was an absolutely incredible experience.  I enjoyed myself so much, I have already signed up for Nov and Dec!  I think I have told no less than 10 people who are like-minded individuals, trying to live healthier lives and have healthier families, etc about the class.  I am also now officially addicted to soaked oats!  The class really made me examine what I am eating on a regular basis and when I went back home, I really took a look at what I was eating and there is still room for me to improve and places I can cut out things that are processed. Looking forward to the next few classes and to trying some awesome new recipes! Thanks again for an amazing time!" - Susan


reconnecting: a 2-hr yoga workshop w. nina endrst yoga + Franklin & WhITMAN
september 7th at 6:30PM

Bok Building, PHILLY

1901 S 9th Street, RM 210

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includes free sweetgreen salad + EXclusive Discounts for FraNKLIN & WHITMAN Products!


what you need:

a journal/paper + pen

your mat

an open heart

Some of my first and favorite memories are as a child running wildly through the grass - dirty, barefoot, and breathless from laughing, living - simply being. My heart was so full during those days at times I felt like it would burst out of my chest. 

Close your eyes. 

Try and remember the last time you felt truly connected to yourself, like you were living directly from your heart space, alone or surrounded by family, friends or your partner. 

This workshop will reconnect you with yourself and your loved ones through a mindful mix of yoga, meditation, writing, and tarot readings. We will begin with a flow that is thoughtfully designed to both soothe and ground you and leave with tools and practices to elevate and enhance our lives off the mat.

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From a young age Nina has pursued a wellness path rooted in the yoga practice. She studied with some of the best in Manhattan at New York Yoga and continues to study and expand through books, music and movement. She guides students through thoughtfully designed classes, meant to strengthen and soften the mind, body, and spirit. A firm believer that balance is key on and off the mat, she teaches through a combination of Iyengar inspired holds and playful, fluid postures, and closes each class with a deep meditation. Nina also offers a writing component that pairs beautifully with the meditative physical practice.

Nina lives her yoga and is inspired by traveling to places outside her comfort zone both physically and emotionally. She believes it is a privilege to have the opportunity to share this healing practice and creates a safe and nurturing environment for students to explore themselves honestly. All levels are welcome.

Nina is currently based in Tulum, Mexico and leads retreats around the world.



Function Coffee Labs
1001 S. 10th St
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Holiday sweets class coming!

NOVEMBER 2017. Tickets announced soon.

MENU: to be announced soon


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LOOKING FOR A CREATIVE GIFT FOR YOUR FRIEND, LOVED ONE, COLLEAGUE? // Give the gift of health! Our classes are fun, interactive, informative and make a pretty damn cool gift. Though a bottle of wine is lovely, too... 

fine print: When you purchase, a form will ask you who we should send the card to - don't forget this step! $50 will get your friend an almost-expense-paid trip on one of our class experiences, depending on the class they sign up for. Gift card will expire 6 months from purchase. Questions? We love 'em - send us an email!

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