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Whether you want to learn how to make your own nut milk, craft a killer gluten-free pizza, or include more plant-based protein on your plate, we’ve got you covered. We strip down whole foods eating to the fundamentals, giving you culinary building blocks and nutritional know-how that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Our small class size and affordable options mean that you’ll leave class feeling like a pro — and did we mention our classes are BYOB?

We don't expect you to wear white aprons and cook over a hot stove. No, no. Bring your friends or your loved one for a fun, relaxing Thursday night. You'll be sitting, sipping and socializing while we explain the nutritional background behind each thing we cook, show you some demos, and walk you through a few hands-on projects (you have to get your hands a little bit dirty, right?!)

"I have been meaning to write this email all weekend, but wanted to make sure I got to it today... I just want to tell you that last week's class was an absolutely incredible experience.  I enjoyed myself so much, I have already signed up for Nov and Dec!  I think I have told no less than 10 people who are like-minded individuals, trying to live healthier lives and have healthier families, etc about the class.  I am also now officially addicted to soaked oats!  The class really made me examine what I am eating on a regular basis and when I went back home, I really took a look at what I was eating and there is still room for me to improve and places I can cut out things that are processed. Looking forward to the next few classes and to trying some awesome new recipes! Thanks again for an amazing time!" - Susan


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LOOKING FOR A CREATIVE GIFT FOR YOUR FRIEND, LOVED ONE, COLLEAGUE? // Give the gift of health! Our classes are fun, interactive, informative and make a pretty damn cool gift. Though a bottle of wine is lovely, too... 

fine print: When you purchase, a form will ask you who we should send the card to - don't forget this step! $50 will get your friend an almost-expense-paid trip on one of our class experiences, depending on the class they sign up for. Gift card will expire 6 months from purchase. Questions? We love 'em - send us an email!

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