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Whether you want to learn how to make your own nut milk, craft a killer gluten-free pizza, or include more plant-based protein on your plate, we’ve got you covered. We strip down whole foods eating to the fundamentals, giving you culinary building blocks and nutritional know-how that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Our small class size and affordable options mean that you’ll leave class feeling like a pro — and did we mention our classes are BYOB?

We don't expect you to wear white aprons and cook over a hot stove. No, no. Bring your friends or your loved one for a fun, relaxing Thursday night. You'll be sitting, sipping and socializing while we explain the nutritional background behind each thing we cook, show you some demos, and walk you through a few hands-on projects (you have to get your hands a little bit dirty, right?!)

The Art of fermentation 

TUES MAY 15 2018, 7PM

@RALLY on 7th+Bainbridge

$42 + fees

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You asked, we listened. Pretty much any ailment you can think of, from poor digestion to a scattered mind to social anxiety (no seriously, we can send you the study), can be traced back to your gut. So how, in this world of processed foods, can we keep our gut functioning in tip top shape? Say hello to fermentation. Sauerkraut, pickles, & kombucha are excellent examples of fermented foods that add natural probiotics to aid in a healthy microflora in your gut. When you're flush with that healthy microflora, you may reap the benefits of better digestion, clear bright skin, weight loss, and less disease.

What we'll be teaching:

  • Kimchi
  • Pickles & Pickled Veggies
  • Coconut Yogurt Parfaits
  • Kvass Mocktails

What you'll be doing (& eating!)

Together, we'll make our own Kimchi & Pickles (and you'll get to take home your jarred creations!). Try out fermented goods that we prepared for you and get a delcious dinner at our Build Your Own Macro Bowl Bar. Sip on Kvass Mocktails as we teach you how to make this delicous natural soda alternative, and end the night with a sweet coconut yogurt parfait. As always, our events are BYOB, so grab a friend and some wine and join us for the healthiest night out! 

"I have been meaning to write this email all weekend, but wanted to make sure I got to it today... I just want to tell you that last week's class was an absolutely incredible experience.  I enjoyed myself so much, I have already signed up for Nov and Dec!  I think I have told no less than 10 people who are like-minded individuals, trying to live healthier lives and have healthier families, etc about the class.  I am also now officially addicted to soaked oats!  The class really made me examine what I am eating on a regular basis and when I went back home, I really took a look at what I was eating and there is still room for me to improve and places I can cut out things that are processed. Looking forward to the next few classes and to trying some awesome new recipes! Thanks again for an amazing time!" - Susan