September B+YND CMPNY Swag Breakdown

Is summer really over already?? We’re half sad to leave the sunshine and waves behind and half excited to start pulling out sweaters and cooking with pumpkin. For a lot of us, September means different routines, whether you’re starting school, sending kids to school, or just adjusting to less BBQ’s and weekend trips. We always try to start the new seasons fresh, cause really, why should January be the only time we try to be a better version of ourselves? Our September B+YND box is full of back to school treats- snacks for you and the kids, a planner to set your intentions for the new season, and our FAV probiotic cleanser to keep you fresh and clean.

Somehow everything we picked was blue and teal. We didn't plan that, but hey, we're digging it. 

Somehow everything we picked was blue and teal. We didn't plan that, but hey, we're digging it. 


HIPPEAS SNACKS: Does anything scream "lunchbox snack" quite like cheese puffs? Totally kid (and let's face it, also adult) approved. These salty crunchy snacks may remind us of our bagged lunch days, sans the nasty ingredients in the old school version. Hippeas are made from chickpeas. Yup, really cool. Or should we say ...hip? They're flavored with organic, non-gmo ingredients - so no preservatives, no gluten, no dairy, plus they pack 5g of protein. Major upgrade. You can purchase them in your local whole foods, or straight from their site HERE.


SIMPLE MILLS ALMOND FLOUR CRACKERS: We are SO impressed by the simplicity of Simple Mills. They keep the ingredients as real as the homemade crackers we have created in our own kitchens. They taste incredible and you'd never guess they are grain free. Using almond and cassava flour, plus only a couple other (easy to pronounce) ingredients, they're one or the best crackers we've found on grocery store shelves. The snack packs including in this months box are perfect to stash in a desk drawer, kids lunches, or thrown in a purse for snacking on the go. Gluten free, vegan, and delicious? Count us in. Grab your own crackers or check out their entire line of incredible, simply made products HERE. (Do yourself a favor and grab the chocolate chip cookies and their muffin/pancake mixes. You won’t regret it.)


TULA PURIFYING CLEANSER: We knew we liked TULA when we learned that ‘tula’ means ‘BALANCE’ in sanskrit. Cause that’s what were all about, right? Tula’s founder, Dr. Raj, discovered that probiotics and superfoods could help naturally balance and boost the health of the skin - and created a line of products that leave your skin nourished and glowing. We included their purifying cleanser, which gives you that squeaky clean feeling without drying out your skin. Perfect for post workout washes, and for your morning cleanse to keep your face fresh and oil free, all day long. Grab your own HERE, and use the code B+YND for 20% off your order!


HAPPINESS PLANNER 100 DAY PLANNER: Sure, google calendars are cool and all, but there’s something so satisfying about actually writing - yes, HANDWRITING - your lists and intentions for the week. And a planner that not only focuses on your to-dos, but your HAPPINESS? Um, yes please. Instead of focusing on your productivity, Happiness Planner focuses on making each day a positive experience, building introspection into your routine and increasing self-awareness. It’s designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. Perfect for the new season, and for balancing the hectic time leading up to the holidays. Get your own Happiness Planner HERE.


ORA ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS: There’s nothing like hitting 2pm on a Wednesday and feeling that midweek slump. It sucks. We know by now that with weeks filled with deadlines, squeezing in workouts, getting kids to practices, and keeping the house livable - its sometimes near impossible to get around to feeding ourselves something REAL. And to have the energy to put up with it all, our body truly needs real. Ora’s line of supplements and protein powders are amazing -  they replace synthetic supplements with nutrients from organic & sustainable sources to keep our body running on the best fuel possible. We especially love their protein powder because not only are you getting a plant based protein boost when you add this to your morning smoothie - you're getting extra nutrients from ingredients like organic kale, broccoli, and turmeric. Plus, their packaging is gorgeous and, honestly, calming. Which we all need a little more these days. Get your own ORA products HERE.


Want to get goods as amazing as these delivered to your door next month (for way less than the retail price, btw)? Plus access to our online community complete with an ebook of seasonal recipes, developed by yours truly? Get in our CMPNY <HERE>.



Jen, Jess, & Kate