We’re jet setting this month - making the most of our last summer with lots of little getaways. Whether we’re headed to the beach, a big city, or our best friend’s lake house, a well stocked travel bag is ESSENTIAL. Our August B+YND box is full of essentials - the stuff we don’t leave the house without. Read on for our FAV products this month!

 Health Warrior not pictured - sorry, we got hungry :)

Health Warrior not pictured - sorry, we got hungry :)


VITAL PROTEINS STRAWBERRY LEMONADE COLLAGEN: We have a love affair with VP’s collagen supplements, and for good reason. Although most of the body is made up of collagen, we actually significantly slow down in collagen production as we age. After age 20 or so, we lose about 1% of our collagen every year. Supplementing your body’s collagen production can help with skin elasticity, joint health, strengthening of hair/nails/teeth, and increased energy output. Vital’s beauty water line makes it super simple to get your collagen in - just dissolve in either hot or cold water and drink up. And the Strawberry Lemonade flavor is 100 - trust us. We sent our CMPNY members a whole canister, but you can stock up on their convenient stick packs (at a discount, YUP - use code VPBYND20 for 20% off your first order). Get your hands on your own HERE. Just a note - this particular beauty water is sourced from bovine hide. We’re here to inform, not to tell you what to do (except to eat more plants - we’ll tell you that, regardless of your diet of choice!). Do we see the benefits of supplementing collagen? Absolutely. Are we going to tell you to take it if you are morally opposed to it? Absolutely not. Everyone is different.


SHEIS ORGANIC TAMPONS: Ok - if you get your period, you probably have tampons with you at all times. But have you ever thought about what’s actually IN your tampon? SHEIS tampons are made with all organic cotton, which means no GMO’s, pesticides, or insecticides - plus its free from chemicals, fragrances, synthetics and dyes. In addition to being better for YOUR health - organic cotton farming supports the health of farmers, eco-systems, and animals, and the lack of toxic chemical runoff is better for the environment. Have we convinced you to switch from tampax yet? If you need a final push - SHEIS is delivered to your door monthly (no last minute dashes to the drug store), and you can customize your absorbency mix to suit your specific flow. OH and they come in the CUTEST black/white/gray wrappers - no more pastel pinks floating around your purse. Use code SHE5 for $5 off your first order HERE.


BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY LAVENDER LOTION:. I mean - the name kind of says it all. This lavender body lotion is perfect for dry summer skin, with a plant based, antioxidant rich formula that helps neutralize and protect your skin from environmental damage. BWC’s entire line of products are 100% natural, vegetarian, and cruelty free, and they smell AMAZINGG. Grab your own HERE and use code BWRALZFR for 15% off your purchase!


MELINDA’S HOT SAUCE: Savior of any bland meal - HOT SAUCE. You better believe we keep hot sauce in our bag - thanks Bey, for making this acceptable - and Melinda’s is the hot sauce queen. Their ingredient list is short - and they use whole ingredients, not extracts, so the flavor depth is out of this world. Plus, the sauce is nice and thick, which is a huge plus in our book. Many flavors are Whole30 and Paleo approved (if you’re into that) and contain no sugar (a secret ingredient in many hot sauces). So go ahead and pile on the flavor guilt free. We sent our crew the Extra Hot flavor (which yes, is hot, but is only level 2 of 5 in Melinda’s range) but all the flavors ROCK OUR WORLD. Check out their whole line HERE.


HEALTH WARRIOR CHIA BAR: We’re constantly hungry and constantly need snacks. You can pretty much always find Health Warrior bars in our purse to save us from getting to the point of HANGRY. These little guys are the perfect snack - light, filling, nutritious, and packed with superfoods. Our kind of bar. Stock up on yours quickly while their sale is still going on - use code SUMMER30 here for 30% off your purchase!


SIMPLY GUM: Gum is such a staple. But did you know that regular chewing gum is made of a plastic base and questionable substances like aspartame and BHT? Probably not, since the FDA allows brands to hide synthetic ingredients in the catch-all term "gum base" on the label. Not cool. Simply gum changes that. With just a few ingredients (all that you can pronounce!) SG changes the gum game and still tastes amazing. Plus- their unique packaging means less wrappers and less waste. Extra cool. Grab yours HERE.


Want to get goods as amazing as these delivered to your door next month (for way less than the retail price, btw)? Plus access to our online community complete with an ebook of seasonal recipes, developed by yours truly? Get in our CMPNY HERE.


Jen, Jess, & Kate