Anyone else feel like they are dragging? With temps soaring and our bodies struggling to keep up with the heat, we need all the help we can get to keep our energy levels on the up swing. Our July B+YND box is all about ENERGY -  from snacks to fuel your day to supplements that keep your body running at its MOST efficient. We’re drooling over this months line up - and we hope you love it too. Read on for our FAV products this month!


TEAPIGS MATCHA MINT TEA: I mean, the name is super cute. But on top of that, Teapigs really knows their tea. They truly care about high quality, pure, whole leaf tea, and their expertise at sourcing and flavor mixing are apparent at first sip. For July, we included one of TP’s newest additions: Matcha Mint Sachets. Matcha - super trendy, but for good reason. Matcha provides a slow release energy that lasts 4-6 hours, plus its loaded with flavanoids, polyphenols, and amino acids that help with concentration, alertness, and healthy skin. The Matcha Mint Sachets are SUPER convenient and the mint just takes the flavor to the NEXT LEVEL. Get your hands on your own packets <<HERE>>.


AMAZI ROASTED PLANTAIN CHIPS: One of the best ways to keep your energy levels up is to choose REAL snacks that wont cause an energy crash post munch. Amazi’s plantain chips are the perfect snack. They are roasted, not fried, and are hand crafted in small batches to ensure high quality. Even better than their satisfying crunch is their social mission - they work to inspire local agricultural value chains to encourage economic growth in developing countries. These plantain chips are ethically sourced from Uganda, and every purchase directly supports farmers, businesses, and development in the local community. For snacks that you REALLY feel good about eating, check out all of Amazi’s plantain chip flavors <<HERE>>.


ALOHA PROTEIN BARS & POWDERS: Reading Aloha’s mission statement is sorta like deja-vu. Balance? Check. Accessibility? Check. Easy plant based alternatives? Check. Sounds a little like someoneeee we know (hi, were talking about ourselves.) Aloha’s bars and protein make plant based eating easy AND delicious. We included a bar & a protein packet in each box so you can try out both - we’re crushing especially hard on the banana protein powder! - but they are all packed with protein, magnesium, and fiber. And bonus, every product is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, GF & soy free. We’re into that. Check out Aloha’s full line up of products <<HERE>>.


HUM SUPPLEMENT: There are a lot of supplements out there - how do you choose which ones to really stick to? Look no further than HUM. Before you buy anything, HUM takes you through a quick survey to determine which supplements their nutritionists think will work best for you. Once a nutritionist reviews your answers, you get recommendations based on your needs (and their supplements are all non-GMO and sustainably sourced). How cool?? In this month’s box, we included the digestive enzyme FLATTER ME. While it DOES help reduce bloating, a flat stomach is not (and never is!) our goal with this one. Your body uses a LOT of energy to digest your food, so taking a digestive enzyme with your meal helps to optimize the process. Flatter me encourages protein, carb, fiber and fats breakdown and helps with nutrient absorption - and anyone who has experienced that post lunch haze KNOWS this is a good thing for your energy levels. Check out Flatter Me <<HERE>>.


HERBAL ZAP SUPPORT SUPPLEMENTS: With all the parties, cook outs, late nights, and happy hours - we find ourselves overdoing it a bit in the summer. Herbal Zap to the rescue. Their support mixes dissolve easily in hot or cold water, and are formulated with Ayurvedic principles to heal & support your body naturally. We included a packet of each of HZ’s sustainably & ethically sourced blends - Party Detox, Immune Support, and Digestive Support - so no matter what your ailment, these zesty herbal mixtures will get you back to your energetic self in no time. Bonus? The Herbal Zap company supports GuriaIndia - a non profit organization that is dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second generation prostitution, and sex trafficking in Northern India. Grab your own packets <<HERE>> or <<HERE>>. Psst - buy from the second link and use code: BWRALZFR for 15% off your purchase!!


FOUR SIGMATIC CORDYCEPS COFEEE: Mushrooms just got an upgrade. Four Sigmatic harvests the magic of functional mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods to create blends that give you kicks of energy without the normal coffee jitters. This month, we featured FS’s Stay Awake blend with cordyceps and chaga. The cordyceps mushroom provides balanced cellular energy support, which combined with the coffee, creates a more stable stimulation with half the caffeine of a regular cup of joe. Chaga mushrooms add antioxidant properties & a smooth, bold flavor. Cause if you’re gonna drink coffee - why not kick it up a notch? Get your own box <<HERE>>


Want to get goods as amazing as these delivered to your door next month (for way less than the retail price, btw)? Plus access to our online community complete with an ebook of seasonal recipes, developed by yours truly? Get in our CMPNY <HERE>.



Jen, Jess, & Kate

Jessica Baumgardner