Loving by the Moon: Cancer

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We all seem so desperate to connect with something bigger than ourselves. For a sip of some untapped energy from the Universe. We’re all seeking out gurus, yogis, and life coaches for some guidance to a higher light. We’re purchasing crystals, adaptogens, and meditation apps in an attempt to recharge our spirits. There isn’t a single one of us in the wellness community who isn’t adding something to their lives in an attempt to open the door to a new level of living.

A new dimension. Because, let’s face it, this one is really hard.

Especially right now. I’m not going to get political, but if you’re reading this I can assume you are also a woman edging on her 30s, not at all prepared for “growing up.” Our generation has broken the mold on how to live which is liberating and there’s a lot of pressure for us to figure out what that new model for life is. A life filled with wellness, prosperity, love, and happiness, despite all that is being thrown at us.

Luckily, Earth has always had a window to another dimension, and its not rocks or mushrooms (well, mushrooms can be quite mystical), but the Moon. Women have been tracking the Moon since the dawn of time, if you want to get really crunchy. Since starting my New Moon rituals, I feel as though I have unlocked the door to a dimension. I’ve realized a sixth sense about what’s happening; I’ve noticed behaviors in myself that I don’t have to blame on disorder or shortcomings, but can contribute to the mood the Moon is sending our way that week.

I’ve found myself reasoning with energies and gravities I never realized were there. Unlocking the Moon’s energy is a simple process that you can follow along. I start by learning about the upcoming moon cycle, then ask myself a series of questions that help me arrive at an intention that will guide me to throughout that cycle.

Take a look at my journal entry for new moon Cancer which starts on Saturday, June 24, and replicate my questions so you can start this new moon prepared.

/ Reflect on the Closing Cycle, Gemini

Gemini was a light-hearted and playful moon. It was a time to hang out with friends and learn something new. Gemini’s playful energy came with a warning label about anxiety, as it can be triggered at this time.

What happened for me in the last moon?

I had high hopes for being super productive and channeling the playful, exploratory energy into new projects. I wanted to dig in deep to an independent online course I’ve been taking and take my ukulele out to learn some new songs. None of this happened. I found myself a little on the day-dreamy side, wanting to listen to new podcasts and read articles. My mind wanted to have fun and not be tied to my endless list of goals.

What new things did I realize?

Well, for the first time in my Moon energy journey, I recognized that I was trying to resist the Moon’s energy in an attempt to stick to my own agenda. However, I’m not doing this exercise to predict what will happen and fight it, but to accept what will happen and embrace it.

What emotions were brought to the surface?

Clearly, I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting anything done. It made me a little depressed. Oh, and that anxiety that I was warned about came on big time. But instead of obsessing over why my panic attacks were back, I was able to actually accept the attacks and move on.

Did I experience any physical changes?

Not really, and that’s ok too. But I did experience some real discomfort in my own body, perhaps a by-product of the duality of the Gemini twins. This was the bad twin.

/ Learn about the New Moon, Cancer

Cancer is characterized as a very domestic moon. This means you may feel like a homebody, or long for a home from your past. It’s a time when you can get sentimental and want spend time with your inner circle. Cancer’s energy can bring on feelings of vulnerability or tenderness, and the need to nurture others.

Since it’s a time when we’re drawn to the home. Summer doesn’t feel like the most hygge time, but let’s not forget to take care of our space and make it a peaceful dwelling. We should surround ourselves with comforting aromas like frankincense, patchouli, and sandalwood. Silver is a color and element tied to the home and brings comfort with it’s feminine energy, so we can also tap into color energy by activating the color silver. (I’m reading Dougall Fraser’s Your Life in Color: Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Color right now so I’m really interested in how different colors can effect our moods.)

How do I expect this energy to manifest in me?

I expect to feel homesick, which for me is longing for the beach, which is bound to happen once the weather gets warmer. Since the weather is getting warmer and I currently don’t have access to the beach, I will probably become a huge hermit – shacking up in the AC with the blinds down.

What should I look out for?

Normally I would say “getting too lazy” because that would be the ultimate threat to my work, but I can not to resist the Moon’s energy like I tried last cycle. So instead I will look out for the saddies that come when I miss my hometown and growing up on the beach.

What can I do to make the most of Cancer’s energy?

Get thee to a beach! I can’t imagine being anywhere else when it’s sunny. So if that means getting on a train for 3 hours to spend a beach day in Asbury Park, or taking a casino bus to Atlantic City to see my family, then I will do it gosh darnit!

/ Set an Intention

This is my intention. Yours can be anything that will bring you peace and balance, or you can use mine!

“Wherever I go, I am home. “

Home can be a place, a space, a feeling. Bring that feeling with you everywhere you go, because you are home. YOU. This body, this mind – nothing will make your soul more comforted than having love for your body and your self. When you think of it that way, the other “homes” start to become the people or feelings that you miss, not the place.

This mantra is great to reflect on when I’m feeling homesick, and a great motivator on my wellness journey.

If you decide keep a new moon journal based on my exercise, please keep in touch with #newagemoon on Instagram. I’d love to see what you come up with and share my moon rituals with you.

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