B+YND CMPNY June Swag Breakdown

AHH… Summer! It’s here! Long days, bare feet, beach trips. Also: sweat, sun burn, and flaky skin. Don’t worry - we’ve got you. Our June B+YND box is all about summer survival, from protecting your skin with SPF, to soothing your sunburn with all natural cream, to snacks to pack for the beach, to crystals that will get your through your busy days stress free. We’re extra excited about this months line up - and we hope you love it too. Read on for our FAV products this month!


Coola: We care about what you’re putting on your skin. And we also care about you protecting your skin from the sun, every day. So does COOLA. Coola’s mission is to “spoil” your skin with products that are as natural, organic, sustainably sourced, and local as possible. Full of antioxidants, and free of parabens and phthalates, Coola’s products are the real deal. The tinted moisturizing 30 SPF we included this month just might be one of our favorite SPF products EVER (no lie) - it goes on super smooth, gives the lightest hint of coverage, and makes your skin feel fresh and clean (unlike so many sunscreens on the market). It’s the perfect makeup primer, so you’ll never forget to give your skin a little sun protection before you hit the road each morning. Missed the box but want to get your hands on it? Check it (and all of COOLA’s SPF products) <HERE>.


Energy Muse: Whether you’re a crystal newbie, or a full blown aficionado - Energy Muse is pretty much the online mecca of crystals. While the crystal thing can sound a little “woo woo”, they really are amazing tools for empowerment, healing, and transformation. According to the founders of Energy Muse, crystals amplify the energy you are putting out into the universe, and help keep you calm & centered during times of growth and change. The crystal we included in this month’s box is a Carnelian Stone, the perfect energy for summer - it brings vitality, action, and confidence . Want to explore further into the world of crystals? Check out Energy Muse's line of crystals, and crystal jewelry <HERE>. And cool tip - when you pick crystals, go with your gut - pick the ones you are attracted to based on color and shape, rather than supposed “healing” properties. The ones that you are instinctively attracted to are usually the ones that will work best for you! (oh and P.S. - the rockstar founders of EM, Heather and Timmi, will be leading a workshop on crystals at THE GOOD FEST LA. YUP.)


Made in Nature: Ok - if you know us at all, you know we are obsessed with MIN. Not only are their snacks bangin', but we have become good friends with their team along this crazy journey. And who better to make friends with than a snack company that uses only organic and all natural ingredients in their products? Made in Nature is on a mission to change the way we think of snacks - because really, when we’re hungry, we SHOULD be snacking - just on the real stuff, not the scary, fake stuff that’s magically all around us when 3pm hunger hits. The Figgy Pops in this month’s box are the perfect mix of sweet but filling, and did we mention MIN carries a nut butter filled option as well? Um, yea. Our beach bags are FILLED with Made in Nature this summer - so fill yours at your local whole foods, or <HERE>


SW Basics: Simplicity and sustainability are the name of the game at SW. Organic, cruelty free, made in the USA - just keep checking every box of what you’d be looking for in a product, and SW has it. The cream we included in this month’s box is legit - its base is organic shea butter so it sinks deep into your skin and keeps you moisturized for wayyyy longer than all the water based creams on the market. Its perfect to use after you get a little too much sun - or anytime, really. Check out SW’s line of products <HERE>.


Want to get goods as amazing as these delivered to your door next month (for way less than the retail price, btw)? Plus access to our online community complete with an ebook of seasonal recipes, developed by yours truly? Get in our CMPNY <HERE>.

Cheers to summer, and the weekend!

Jen, Jess, & Kate

Jessica Baumgardner