SPOTLIGHT: Roots 2 Rise

Tim is the founder and program director of Roots2Rise.  Tim fundamentally believes everyone can benefit from the physical, mental, and emotional effects of yoga and mindfulness.  He believes yoga and mindfulness can transform each individual and the result is empowered communities working together.  Tim started Roots2Rise as a service to make yoga available and accessible to everyone. Roots2Rise works to serve the entire region and creates opportunities to empower and support yoga teachers to expand their reach beyond the studio walls.  Tim is committed to finding, creating opportunities and holding space for these leaders to be as powerful and as effective as possible.  

When was Roots 2 Rise founded?

Early 2015

What inspired you to start Roots 2 Rise?

Roots2Rise started as a vehicle to teach inmates yoga and mindfulness at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia the summer of 2015. Since then we have partnered with various organizations, schools, and communities in Philadelphia to make available and provide access to the practice of yoga and mindfulness. 

What has been the most rewarding thing about creating R2R?

Recognizing that we are providing a service that is needed and a service that is beneficial to both the individual and the community.

Why did you feel this would be GOOD for Philly and our community?

Access and Availability or Cost and Location. Our community programs are mobile and they are low cost. We bring the practice to you and your community. We do it with service as the centerpiece. We work to meet every student, every person where they are with empathy, compassion and love. 

Past and Current Locations we have worked in are

  • Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility
  • The People’s Paper Co-Op and Expungement Project
  • CHOP Homeless Health Initiative - Families Forward Shelter
  • KIPP-West Philadelphia Elementary Academy
  • Martin Luther Silver Springs School
  • Bala House Montessori
  • The Center for Grieving Children
  • Philadelphia Parks and Rec. Facilities
  • Esperanza Health Center
  • Health Partners Plans

Do you enjoy yoga? What has your yoga “journey” been like and how has it helped you personally?

I love yoga. I am a yoga teacher and this practice has changed me dramatically. It has given me a sense of purpose that I didn’t have, has provided me with a wonderful community and has been absolutely amazing. The day my wife made me go to my first yoga class was a day I will always be grateful to her for.


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