The GOOD Life: Fueling What We Love

Simple fact: We LOVE what we do. Planning The Good Festival has been the best experience of our lives and we can not express enough how happy we are that it is finally here! However, our day to day leading up to the big day has been flooded with meetings, errands and running around the city in order to make The Good Festival the best it can possibly be! We wouldn't have it any other way. Now, we're only ONE day away. Wondering what a day in the life looks like preparing for this event?

Here's a glimpse into our not-so-typical, it's 1 day 'till GOOD FEST, day:


Morning routines are the. best. We try to stick to one, even on super hectic weeks like this week because we know it will allow us to be our most present, productive and excited!

"I wake up super early to get my workout in - it just puts me in a good mood, and I love feeling accomplished before 7am.  I make sure to sign up for early morning classes in advance, so there's no chance of me hitting snooze." - Jen

"I enjoy my warm lemon water and time with my daughter, Carmen. I can't always work out or make a huge breakfast. Sometimes it's just time playing and reading with her and some almond butter and apple- and I'm happy with that!" - Jess

"I love drinking my green smoothies. It's what sets the tone for my day! I also drink a ton of water, because especially this week Ive been so on the go rather than working from home. I've been telling myself to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!" - Kate

10 AM: Head to the Venue! 

There's SO much to do the day before this event. Loading in vendors, stuffing swag bags, and making sure all the floral, decor, and generally making sure everything is PERFECT for the big day.

We're feeling so grateful for our volunteers help us along the way. Our team ROCKS and allows us to make what we love, a reality.

1 PM : Hungry. Feed Us.

Boxes are organized, yoga mats are unpacked, and we are HUNGRY AF. Like, actually, Jen can't stop saying how hungry she is. No time for a long lunch though, cause we're hopping in a cab to rush to our speaker hotel to sort out last minute details.

Liquid meals seem to be key for us lately (I know - we should be sitting down and enjoying our lunch, but theres just SO MUCH TO DO) - so we're thrilled to have packed a couple bottles of FAWEN drinkable soup to down in the car. These things are AWESOME. They are packaged like a juice so they are super convenient and portable, but they are savory and thick, so it really feels like you're eating. Also, their tagline is FUEL THE THINGS YOU LOVE. I mean come on - perfection. Confused about cold, drinkable soup? Don't worry - you'll get to taste them at FEST and we promise you'll fall in love!

3pm: Crunch Time

We've jetted all over town finishing up our weekend set up, and now its back to our respective "offices" (park, coffee shop, kitchen table - you can find us pretty much everywhere in Philly) to iron out some last minute details on Saturday's big launch news. EEK!! That's all we're saying - for now!

7pm: Dinner

Rewarding ourselves for the long day and the long weekend ahead - we head to one of our favorite Philly vegan restaurants, Charlie Was a Sinner. We binge on tofu ricotta and caesar salads (YUM) and cap off the night with some green juice mocktails (can't risk a hangover with our super early wake up call tomorrow).

10 PM: SLEEP - Gotta catch them zzz's for the big day

We're hoping to get to bed early tonight, because tomorrow is FULL of GOOD-ness. We can hardly wait. Sometimes falling asleep is tough -

"I rub magnesium on the bottom of my feet! Sounds nuts, but I love it!" - Jess

"I love meditating in the evening! Sometimes it's just a few deep breathes on the edge of my bed before sleep, but it works wonders. Also, leave your phone on the other side of the bedroom, no temptations." - Kate

"Lavender oil in my diffuser (calms me down) and ALL of the pillows."  - Jen

We love what we do. Damn, we're so blessed to be able to say that - and MEAN it, everyday.