’Tis the season of hayrides, apple pies, and pumpkin spice lattes. But ‘tis ALSO the season of weather changing colds, chapped lips, and thirsty skin. Staying on top of your health and your skincare routines are especially important during weather shifts, since prevention always seems to work better than treatment. Our October B+YND box is full of beauty goods that will keep your skin hydrated and fresh - plus cute goodies that will make your season just a little more stylish.



KINDRED BLEMISH CLEANSER: If you haven’t tried oil cleansing yet, you are TOTALLY missing out. Sure, it seems scary to slap oil on your face if you are dealing with acne or oily skin, but just trust us here. The truth is, many traditional cleansers simply move around dirt and oil on your face. Kindred’s oil cleansers are formulated to loosen and attract the top layer of sebum on the skin, removing excess dirt & oil while maintaining moisture on the skin. So what makes Kindred special? In one word - TRUST. Kindred’s owner and founder, Frances, has a background as a Materials Science Engineer, and after dealing with sensitive skin inflammation, created Kindred using all natural and organic ingredients that she felt great about using for herself and her family. This blemish cleanser is incredible - with each use, you can feel your skin getting healthier and more radiant. Learn more about Kindred’s products HERE.

BE WELL COMPANY PROBIOTIC TONER: It’s rare that all three of us fall in love with the same product immediately - but Be Well Company’s Probiotic Toner accomplished this at first spritz. Crafted with rosewater, cold pressed kombucha cultures, and natural scents, this toner hydrates, balances PH, shrinks pores, and reduces inflammation. You can use this after cleansing, as a pick me up after the gym, or a refresher whenever you need a little extra radiance. As much as we are obsessed with this product, all of Be Well’s line is toxin free & organic, so you can feel amazing about anything you use. Discover the line HERE.

FREEBIRD ORGANIC LIP BALM: Another Indie Beauty discovery! In a sea of beauty booths, we were of course drawn to Freebird’s beautiful packaging and awesome scents, but even more so drawn to the owner, Roxy, for her upbeat attitude and unbelievable commitment to her products. Every Freebird product is 100% organic and vegan, loaded with healing essential oils, and contain a special vitamin E blend to help soothe and perfect your skin. The sweet mint lip balm is creamy and tastes DELISH - perfect to fend off chapped lips on those windy October days. Learn more about Roxy and her whole line of products HERE.

TAKE MY FACE OFF MITTY: Maybe I’m in the minority - but washcloths make me sad. Maybe its cause I like them best when they are fresh, fluffy and clean and my washing machine is 12 floors away. But, I also avoid single use products, like cotton balls, as much as possible. How to take off our makeup (or use our new oil cleanser) then??  Amanda McIntosh, founder of Take My Face Off, to the rescue. Amanda also wanted to update the classic washcloth, and when she learned about the environmental harm caused by single-use wipes and cotton balls, her project evolved into a mission. Starting with the revolutionary Mitty® line of cleansing tools, Take My Face Off’s® designs are gentle, effective, and sophisticated, and made with low carbon-footprint textiles that make us feel good about forgoing our beloved cotton balls. Plus they are super soft and feel like an absolute dream. Step up your makeup removal game with your own Mitty HERE. And use code B+YND for 10% off AND free shipping!!

HENRY CHARLES MAKEUP BAG: Skincare is more fun when you have a cute bag to store it all in. We discovered Henry Charles at Indie Beauty Expo, and fell in love with the durable, waterproof, and vegan materials that they construct their bags with, and fell even more in love with their story. They strive to blur the line between masculine and feminine in their products and branding, to not only invite men into the cosmetic scene, but to empower women that they can be rulers or kings in their own right, without apologizing or asking permission. Cute, functional bags that are on a mission of inclusion and empowerment? Say no more. Check out their whole line HERE.

THE VANITY PROJECT WINE WIPES: How many times have you forgone your favorite glass of pinot noir cause you fear the dreaded red wine smile? We know we’re guilty. Wine Wipes are a cute, convenient way to keep your teeth stain free during dinner party season. Plus, they are slightly citrus flavored, instead of minty, to keep your palate clear in between sips of red. Not a wine drinker? The Vanity Project also stocks their cute convenient wipes for coffee stains & a formula called Bidettes that’s meant for more intimate areas. Fresh and clean all around. Grab yours HERE.

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Jen, Jess, & Kate